Cellular Biomedicine Group Joins Force With Huntsworth Health For KOL Advocacy On Clinical Research For Knee Osteoarthritis

Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc. (CBMG) has took on Hunstworth Health to put in order a team of medical experts for a global KOL advocacy campaign for CBMG’s Rejoin clinical trials. The clinical trials are for Rejoin which is a human adipose-derived mesenchymal progenitor cell (haMPC) developed to be a cure for Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA). Phase IIb of the Rejoin clinical research trials had been concluded and results for the tests were already released.

CBMG is a world-renowned company that develops medicines and treatment for degenerative diseases and cancers. Hunstworth Health is an international organization for healthcare marketing and communications who is best in the industry that can profile and recognize the most significant key opinion leaders to collaborate with CBMG for the rest of the KOA treatment clinical trials for Rejoin.

The Phase IIb of the research trial was executed by a prominent teaching hospital in China, namely the Shanghai Renji hospital. The trials involved enrollment of 53 patients with KOA who were given randomized, single-blind treatment.

The final patient for the Phase IIb of the clinical trials was given treatment by the last quarter of 2014. The company headed by the Chief Executive officer William Cao, released official validation data for the Phase IIb clinical trial on the latter part of March 2015 confirming previous claims gathered up from Phase Ia, giving the company much optimism that the treatment will create a positive outcome for the benefit of millions of KOA patients from China.


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