CeQur Develops Diabetes Compliance Device

An important drawback of current diabetes treatment regimens is patient compliance, particularly for insulin injections that are painful and must also be timely administered. CeQur has developed an innovative technological platform to address this concern, actualizing a minimally invasive wearable drug patch infuser that provides relatively painless, continuous subcutaneous delivery of insulin in basal doses, as well on-demand doses at the push of a button.   The company’s minimally invasive subcutaneous route of drug administration precludes the use of the existing injection-based insulin regimens that are burdensome to patients due to their painful nature, which can significantly lower patient compliance. The company has shown through clinical trials that its technology accurately delivers insulin while improving patient comfort and compliance, and is currently waiting health board approvals.

Jim Peterson, CeQur President and CEO contends that insulin delivery devices and technologies are coming and will be a major help for people with Type II diabetes, a major help for them in overcoming the barriers to taking insulin properly and consequently living longer and healthier lives.  “People have always known that there are four times as many Type II diabetics taking insulin as Type 1, and 80 percent of all insulin in the world is consumed by Type II diabetics,” he said in an interview for Mass Device last year.  “However, the Type II diabetic population has been very under-served as far as technologies helping them with that struggle. It’s estimated that the market is easily a $2 billion marketplace for this new generation of products.”

CeQur is slated to present at OneMedForum NY 2011.

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