Chembio Teams Up with Pall Corporation

Chembio Diagnostics, of Medford, NY, has signed an R&D deal with Pall Corporation for use of Chembio’s new Dual Path Platform (DPP) immunoassay. The collaboration will involve a two-phase funded feasibility study to determine certain performance characteristics of DPP when used in conjunction with certain markers that are of interest to East Hills, NY-based Pall.

The companies did not specify the application for which Pall is conducting tests. But in the medical arena, Pall, a filtration and purification company, is involved in such things as cell separation technology, platelet-transfusion safety and developing influenza breathing filters, among others.

Chembio’s DPP is a lateral flow technology that employs separate membrane strips for sample migration and test reagents. The design allows for complete control and management of the sample flow, and as a result, the immunological reaction is much more efficient than conventional single path lateral flow (SPLF) tests. These features enable improved detectability, sensitivity and specificity when compared with SPLF tests.

If performance of DPP during the feasibility study meets expectations, Chembio anticipates that the Pall partnership would proceed to negotiation of license, development and manufacturing agreements.

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