China Forum II includes prominent Chinese and US executives active in the rapidly developing marketplace in China

OneMedPlace announced that its “China Forum II” will lead off the 2012 OneMedForum San Francisco on the afternoon of January 9, 2012. The session includes an afternoon of prominent and experienced Chinese and US executives active in the rapidly developing healthcare marketplace in China.

“The rapid growth of the middle class in China, which is now larger than the United States’ population, represents an unusual opportunity because of the strong desire for western technology and brands, particularly as related to health products and services,” said Brett Johnson, CEO of OneMedPlace and conference organizer. “By convening some of the most experienced and talented executives, financiers and entrepreneurs we hope to give guidance to Western companies interested in this uniquely lucrative, but challenging, market.

“We are very pleased that James Huang, of KPCB China, Tony Zhang, of Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY), Dr. James Tong, M.D., of Tianyin Pharmaceutical (NYSE Amex: TPI), and David Chen of BFC Group will be our event co-chairs,” added Johnson. “They have terrific experience and helped us launch the highly successful China Forum II in 2010.”

“At the first China Forum, over 100 leading Chinese and US entrepreneurs, executives and investors discussed the growing opportunity in the rapidly expanding Chinese healthcare sector,” said James Huang, who recently joined the Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers venture fund to invest in new companies in China. According to ­­­­­­­­­­­Huang, “China as a consumer of western technology has never been greater. The power of brands, particularly in western brands for OTC medical products, drugs and medical devices, is an enormous driver and represents extraordinary opportunity for western healthcare and life science companies with the right strategy.”

Tony Zhang, who heads up Eli Lilly’s efforts in China, added, “The bridge between western technology and innovation and the Chinese market is significant for those companies that understand the opportunity. We hope that this session will provide an excellent framework as well as a means to make good connections.“

“We appreciate OneMedPlace’s persistent effort in adjoining biotech/healthcare industries in US and China. TPI is seeking to collaborate with US and international pharmaceutical entities in both the development and marketing. OneMedForum serves as a great platform for the cross-continental collaboration that we are seeking,” said Dr. Tong, CFO and CBDO of TPI.

The afternoon session will include experts, investors and executives sharing their experiences with networking and developing relationships. The Program will provide a summary of the major developments over the past year, followed by panels on: Governmental and Regulatory Forces, which will discuss best strategies selling into a government-controlled healthcare system; China’s 5 year Plan and how government policy shapes strategy for investors and entrepreneurs; Strategies for Doing Business in China will focus on finding the right partner and options for structuring partnerships in China; Financial Strategies and the Chinese Capital Markets will provide an overview of options to access investment capital in China and how investment in Western companies is increasingly becoming a strategy for Chinese to diversify their holdings internationally; Financial Strategies and the Chinese Capital Markets, the final session, will offer predictions by a member of each panel regarding what is ahead in the coming year.

“There have been a lot of developments in China, a dynamic market that represents a very large opportunity for Western companies to can find the right partners and structure an arrangement accordingly,” added David Chen of BFC Group.

OneMedPlace will be launching a matching/partnering program to help Western companies find partners in China during the Forum.

Event co-hosts include BayHelix, an organization of Chinese and US healthcare executives.

Tickets to China Forum II can be purchased separately, but are also included with OneMedForum 2012 conference tickets. To register to attend China Forum II, please click here.

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