Coming Soon: Ad-Supported EMRs

Practice Fusion has given physicians a powerful incentive to upgrade their antiquated paper-based, patient-record systems. The San Francisco start-up will digitize the records for free. The only catch, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, is that doctors reviewing a patient’s chart will also see relevant health-related ads. The ads, generated by Google’s AdSense following a special deal with the search engine giant, “will be displayed as the records system is used,” according to the newspaper. When doctors view their patients’ health records via Practice Fusion’s system, “AdSense will recognize certain keywords — such as “diabetes” — and ads related to that condition will appear on the page,” the Chronicle notes. Additional revenue will come from selling “de-identified data to insurance groups, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies,” Healthcare ITNews reports. Practice Fusion will deliver the records via an on-demand platform. As for its ad-supported business model, that’s sure to face competition from other start-up medical software firms.

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