[Company Profile] DATATRAK International

Before a new medical device or drug hits the market, before the flashy ad campaigns, even before government approval, there are clinical trials. The mountain of data generated by the average laboratory study has to be collected and organized. Given the high costs of bringing a device or drug to market, there is an increasing demand for data management systems that can efficiently manage the clinical trial from beginning to end.
DATATRAK International of Mayfield Heights, Ohio, has been a leader in this field for over a decade. DATATRAK’s eClinical product suite offers an online system with features including electronic data capture (EDC), web-enabled patient randomization, and trial management. Clinicians can access and manage information from anywhere in the world. The company’s technical support solutions have been used in hundreds of clinical trials around the world. 

According to Chairman of the Board Laurence P. Birch, a recent reorganization at DATATRAK has resulted in a “leaner, more nimble and stronger company.” Their efforts appear to be paying off: Earlier this month, DATATRAK was awarded a Phase III trial with a Top 20 pharmaceutical company.

DATATRAK has focused on packaging their eClinical technology and services into one method of delivery: DATATRAK ONE. The principle behind DATATRAK ONE is to help companies collect and manage data more quickly and effectively, shortening the time it takes for a new drug or device to enter the market. Many companies in the field bundle a variety of different applications together, forcing the user to switch back and forth between applications that don’t fully integrate with each other.  DATATRAK ONE relies on a single, unified platform. The system is built around a concept of “one”: one technology, one solution, one set of clinical trial modules, one database, and one point of entry.

The company’s future plans include expanding the capabilities of its eClinical product suite, and introducing a stand-alone module for web-based randomization and inventory management.

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