Company Snapshot — Fibrocell Science: Autologous Cell Therapy, Aesthetic Treatment

The fibroblast cell is known to play key roles in extracellular matrix synthesis, production of collagen, and production of growth factors all of which support the skin, soft tissues, and aid in wound healing. Fibrocell Science (FCSC) is an autologous cell therapy company whose sole focus is the development of aesthetic, medical, and scientific application that involve the use of the fibroblast cell. This company has an extensive pipeline of ideas including treatments and medications for Acne Scarring, Personal Autlogous Crèmes for everyday skin maintenance, Restrictive Burn Scarring, Vocal Cord Scarring, and Recessive Dystopic Epidemolysis Bullosa (a genetic blistering disorder). The most progressed product thus far is “Azficel T” or LAVIV a medication that will treat Nasolabial Folds in adults and potentially Restrictive Burn Scars as well. There is currently no FDA approved drug or medication that can treat this unmet medical need. Fibrocell strives to be the first as they recently began their Phase II trial of Azficel T.  “We believe leveraging the technology of LAVIV will help us address high-value, unmet medical needs,” said David Pernock, Chairman and CEO of Fibrocell Science, Inc. “In addition to the aesthetic benefits of autologous fibroblasts, we are encouraged by their potential for the treatment of restrictive burn scarring. Patients have experienced the functional benefits of fibroblasts in individual case studies and we hope to confirm those benefits in the Phase II trial.”

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