Company Snapshot — Oxygen Biotherapeutics: Tissue Oxygenation, Traumatic Brain Injury

Oxygen is one of the main elements vital to human survival. Oxygen Biotherapeutics’ (OXBT) mission is to research, develop, and market oxygen related products based on perflurocarbons technology. The team is driven to aid the human body in maintaining adequate oxygen levels to prevent disease and damage to tissues if oxygen flow were ever to be interrupted or inhibited. Due to their use of perfluorocarbons, this company has been able to provide products for numerous subdivisions in medicine including Wounds, Decompression Illnesses, and Dermatology. Currently, the spotlight is focused on Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and the company has recently initiated a second cohort of its Phase IIb trial on a Therapeutic Oxygen Treatment known as “Oxycyte.” This treatment is designed to enhance oxygen delivery to damaged tissues and is currently being evaluated for safety and tolerability.

“Resuming enrollment in the second cohort of our TBI trial is a critical milestone in the development of Oxycyte,” said Michael Jebsen, President and Chief Financial Officer of OBI. “We have spent the last year focused on securing long-term supply of clinical trial material and retaining a contract research organization with the ability to effectively manage an international clinical trial. Bringing Oxycyte to market as a treatment for acute ischemic conditions, such as TBI, remains the top priority of OBI.”

Oxygen Biotherapeutics will present at the upcoming OneMedForumNY 2013, June 26-27 at the Metropolitan Club.

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