Compensation Practices at Life Sciences Companies

Structuring executive and board member compensation programs for life sciences companies is a critical part of the jordan femme evolving business model. This module addresses design issues associated with each compensation component, including base salary, annual incentives, long-term pay, and equity opportunities, and how these factors change as life sciences companies move from startup phase to its end phase. During OneMedForum NY 2012, BDO led a workshop discussing the unique state of compensation practices in the life sciences industry. The session also provided an overview of Dodd-Frank, and its impact on compensation, trends in compensation, best practices, and a case study which will also touch upon some of the tax, accounting, and legal issues of designing a compensation program.

This module explores how compensation practices have changed in the life sciences industry, and what about this sector makes these practices different from other major sectors. This module also looks at changes to compensation practices in light of jordan femme altered regulatory mandates from Sarbanes-Oxley and the newly-passed JOBS Act. For interviews and case studies, view the side bar. Check back soon for more stories!


Randolph O. Ramirez, Regional Practice Leader, Compensation & Benefits Consulting

Mr. Ramirez has almost 20 years of Human Capital experience, assisting companies in areas such as employee communications, human capital strategy, organizational design, mergers and acquisitions, and compensation for Board members, executives, key employees, broad-based employees, and sales force incentives.
He consults directly with companies and is a recognized resource in the industry. He is frequently interviewed and quoted by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Wired Magazine, CNBC Television, BBC World Service and other major media organizations.

Mr. Ramirez has worked with companies in the jordan femme Aerospace/Defense, Energy, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Real Estate Development/Management, High Technology, Retail, Professional Services, Not-for-Profit, and Financial Services industries. Prior to joining BDO in early 2007, Mr. Ramirez worked on the corporate side and lead HR integration engagements and the design of a number of key incentive programs for a $4 billion publicly traded company.

He is the recipient of various honors in the fields of applied mathematics and computer science.