Compumedics System: World’s first accredited and paperless sleep lab

Compumedics Grael High-Definition PSG/EEG system and their ProFusion nexus Lab Management system, is now the  world’s first accredited and paperless sleep lab’s database monitoring technology of choice. New York based Winthrop Sleep Disorders Center needed to switch database vendors in an effort to track all patient interactions in a central database. Keeping the door open for new millennium technology gave Compumedics the slight advantage in a competitive market.  Claude Albertario, Associate Director of the Center, questions vendors with vigor, because he knows that better equipment/database management leads to real-world results, such as decreased turnaround time for patients, while strongly appealing to referral sources.

Compumedics, established in 1987, is today a global technology leader in computer-based patient monitoring and diagnostic systems. The company’s core business is the development and commercialization of technology with a focus on the fast growing Sleep Medicine and Neurology markets.  Compumedics leads the sleep diagnostic market in Australia, with a market share of approximately 80%, and a growing international business, especially in the USA, the world’s largest medical device market. Compumedics was a presenting company at OneMedForum SF 2011 and, next month, the company will be presenting at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in California, USA and the American Academy of Neurology 2011 Annual Meeting in Hawaii, USA.

LinguaFlex, Inc., a medical device company, is also making advancements in the field of sleep technology. Sleep disorders affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is a multi-billion dollar market for drug-based treatments with continuing potential for growth.

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