OneMedForum Recap: Pressure Biosciences

moleculesPressure Biosciences (PBIO) is a life sciences company centered on developing and commercializing a novel technology titled Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT). This innovative technology is able to cycle pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels at controlled temperatures to quickly and repeatedly control interactions of biomolecules.

There are three main components that comprise the PCT technology, a Barocycler (instrument), PULSE (Pressure Used to Lyse Samples for Extraction) Tubes, and a ProteoSolveLRS kit for the detergent-free extraction of proteins from lipid-rich samples. Uses for this PCT include improved: sample preparation for genomic, proteomic and small molecule studies; pathogen inactivation; protein purification; control of chemical (enzymatic) reactions; and immunodiagnostics.

Pressure Biosciences presented this at the 2013 OneMedForum NYC as well as their strategy to commercialize this novel technology. They have a plethora of interested strategic partners ready to help them strive to capture this $6 billion opportunity in the Sample Preparation Product market. Market Cap: 2.69 million; Volume: 1,786; 12 Month Trail: $0.15-0.51.

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