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Salem, NH, USA | Develops and manufactures blood glucose monitoring products for the Diabetes market.

Bayer Diabetes Care

Abbott Diabetes Care

Infopia USA

Disease management system specializing in the monitoring of patients with Diabetes.


Sunnyvale, CA, USA | Single-use Diabetes monitoring products

LXN Corporation

San Diego, CA, USA | Handheld Diabetes control system.

Animas Corporation

Bucks, UK | Products for patients with insulin-requiring Diabetes.


Albuquerque, NM, USA | Developer of a noninvasive screening device for Diabetes

Rosedale Medical

Cupertino, CA, USA | Developing multi-test handheld episodic glucose monitor system for Diabetes.


Burgdorf, Switzerland | Medical devices for the treatment of Diabetes.

Nutrition 21

Purchase, NY, USA | Pharmaceuticals targeting the Diabetes marketplace.

Grupo Vita

Barcelona, Spain | Pharmaceutical products for the treatment in the areas of cardiovascular, CNS, Diabetes, and antiinfectives.

Quotient Diagnostics

Surrey, United Kingdom | Diabetes risk assessment.


regeneration of insulin-producing islets for Diabetes patients

CAL Engineering

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA | Medical device company in the Diabetes field.

Daiichi Sankyo

Tokyo, Japan | Treatment for cardiovascular conditions and metabolic disorders like Diabetes, infection, and cancer.

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co.

Tokyo, Japan | Kyorin Pharmaceutical is a Japanese pharmaceutical company developing treatments for asthma, cancer and Diabetes.

Thermalin Diabetes, LLC

Cleveland, United States | Insulin analogs offering increased effectiveness

Revivicor, Inc.

Blacksburg, VA, USA | Xenografts and Tolerance Technologies for Applications in Diabetes and Whole Organ Transplantation

Sernova Corp.

London, Canada | Offers an implantable device (Cell Pouch System�) to place therapeutic cells within an immune-privileged environment (Sertolin�) to treat Diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Shenzhen, China | The group is driven by high-end chemical drugs, innovative biology products, medical devices and health insurance, ranging from cardiovascular, oncology, anti-infectious, Diabetes, orthopedics and immunology.


Charles City, United Kingdom | Drugs for Diabetes and obesity.

Health Analytic Services

Real-Time Web and Mobile Applications for Health Tracking and Life Management


San Diego, CA, USA | Transplantation therapy for patients with Diabetes.


Evry, France | Drugs for obesity, hypercholesterolemia and type II Diabetes.


Goettingen, Germany | Therapies for metabolic disorders, such as obesity and Diabetes.


Newport Beach, CA, USA | Diagnostic tests for the early detection of chronic diseases including thyroid disease, stomach ulcers, and Diabetes


CORTLANDT MANOR, NY, USA | Laboratory products for point of care tests markets.


S-252 25, Sweden | NOLabs is a medical device company that intends to become the world leader in Diabetes neuropathy related pain control.

Alteon Inc.

Parsippany, NJ, USA | Drugs that reverse or slow down diseases of aging and complications of Diabetes.

Searched: Diabetes             1 - 30 of 231 results       Next >