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Smart Drug Systems Inc.

Pawcatuck, CT, USA | Drug delivery systems for animal health and lives.


Markham, Canada | Therapeutic products using proprietary drug delivery technology.


Sandy, UT, USA | Biodegradable injectable and oral polymeric drug delivery systems.


Kirke, Denmark | Drug delivery for controlled release in the intestines.

Liponex, Inc.

Ottawa, Canada | Drugs to treat heart disease, cancer, and infectious disease.


Sight-Saving Therapies for Chronic Retinal Diseases

PR Pharmaceuticals

Fort Collins, CO, USA | Injection-based drug delivery technology.


Radnor, PA, USA | Nanotechnology applications applied to flat panel displays, targeted drug delivery and batteries.

I-Flow Corporation

Lake Forest, CA, USA | Ambulatory drug delivery systems for pain management and intravenous infusion therapy.


Toronto, Canada | Controlled release drug delivery technologies for small molecule drugs.

Abrika Pharmaceuticals

Sunrise, FL, USA | Drug delivery technologies for generic and proprietary pharmaceutical products.


Glasgow, United Kingdom | Formulation and stabilization technology for protein-based drugs.


San Diego, CA, USA | Bioabsorbable drug delivery platforms from polymers.

Oriel Therapeutics

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA | Drug delivery technology for treating respiratory and pulmonary diseases.

NanoBio Corporation

Ann Arbor, MI, USA | Nanotechnology delivery systems for mucosal drug delivery.

CellMed AG

Alzenau, Germany | Drug delivery systems for hypoparathyroidism, diabetes, oncology and neurodegeneration.

InSite Vision

Alameda, CA, USA | Ophthalmic products focused on ocular infection, glaucoma, and retinal disease.

Ventaira Pharmaceuticals

Columbus, OH, USA | Inhaled therapeutics solutions using generic drugs and drug delivery technologies.

Norwood Abbey

Frankston, Australia | Medical laser technologies and products based on electromagnetic and mechanical energy.


West Melbourne, Australia | Drug delivery systems specialized for transdermal absorption.

Penwest Pharmaceuticals

Danbury, CT, USA | Penwest develops pharmaceutical products based on the application of oral drug delivery technologies.


San Antonio, TX, USA | Develops technologies for alternative IV access in emergent situations

Atrix Laboratories

Fort Collins, CO, USA | Specialty pharmaceutical company focused on advanced drug delivery.

Watson Pharmaceuticals

Corona, CA, USA | Makes branded and generic pharmaceutical products.

Nektar Therapeutics

San Carlos, CA, USA | Nektar Therapeutics is a drug delivery products-based company.

3M Company

St. Paul, MN, USA | Provider of a wide range of healthcare products.

3M Health Care Business

St. Paul, MN, USA | Provider of a wide range of healthcare products.

Searched: DrugDelivery             1 - 30 of 57 results       Next >