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Översten, Sweden | Tests for detection and monitoring of viral diseases.


Paris, France | Fight drug resistance in the field of infectious diseases.

3-D Technical Services

Franklin, Ohio, USA | Surgical training aids for minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Evolutionary Genomics

Lafayette, CO, USA | Genomics company developing small molecule therapeutics for AIDS.


Hørsholm, Denmark | Enhancing the efficacy of anti-cancer and anti-HIV/AIDS drugs.

Viral Genetics

San Marino, CA, USA | Diagnostic and therapeutic applications of its Thymus Nuclear Protein technology.


Huddinge, Sweden | Drugs for AIDS and cancer based on patented technologies.


Birkerød, Denmark | HIV research and disease prognostics.

Medical Discoveries

Salt Lake City, UT, USA | Anti-infective oxidative therapy to treat infectious disease including HIV and Cystic Fibrosis.

Advanced Viral Research Corp.

Yonkers, NY, USA | Drug development

C&T Paradigm

Antwerpen, Belgium | Research trials in which pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, tolerability and safety of compounds are evaluated.


Carlsbad, CA, USA | Integrated archiving and retrieval solutions for organizations managing DNA collections.

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited

Toronto, Canada | Polydex Pharmaceuticals Limited develops and manufactures dextran-based products for use in drug delivery and in therapeutic compounds.


Oslo, Norway | Drugs for immunostimulating therapy in HIV/AIDS and other immune diseases.


Halifax, Canada | Rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.

Quick Study Radiology

St. Louis, MO, USA | Radiology and web-based technology services for healthcare facilities.

Enhance Biotech

London, England | Commercialisation of "Lifestyle Drugs" with focus on Male Sexual Dysfunction and Dermatology.

Koronis Pharmaceuticals

Redmond, WA, USA | Selective Viral Mutagenesis technology development for drugs to treat HIV and HCV.

Piedmont Pharmaceuticals

Greensboro, NC, USA | Topical formulations for pain medication and other applications.

Amexdrug Corporation

Beverly Hills, CA, USA | Wholesaler of brand name and generic pharmaceutical products


Gent, Belgium | Therapeutic vaccines to replace ineffective or harmful treatments

Reliance GeneMedix

Tullamore, Ireland | Recombinant human proteins for the treatment of diseases.

Wave 80 Biosciences

San Francisco, CA, USA | Wave 80 Biosciences develops molecular diagnostic instruments and consumables for hepatitis C, B, HIV/AIDS, and other health conditions.

The Immune Response Corporation

Carlsbad, CA, USA | Vaccines and immune-based therapies to treat HIV.

Calypte Biomedical Corp.

Portland, OR, USA | Urine-based diagnostic products for HIV-1

Microgen Bioproducts

Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom | Diagnostic products for food, in-vitro clinical, environmental, veterinary and industrial testing.

Allion Healthcare (Acquired by H.I.G.)

Melville, NY, USA | Specialty pharmacy and disease management services focused on HIV and AIDS patients.

Mymetics Corporation

Nyon, Switzerlad | Mymetics is a biotechnology company developing vaccines and therapies to treat AIDS.

Alltracel Pharmaceuticals

Sallynoggin, IRELAND | Control of polysaccharides for uses from reducing cholesterol to protection from HIV.

ApoVax (Formerly ApoImmune)

Louisville, KY, USA | Enhancing one's immune system response to better treat disease

Searched: HIVAIDS             1 - 30 of 92 results       Next >