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South San Francisco, CA, USA | Therapeutics: Cancer, sight-threatening illnesses

Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

South San Francisco, CA, USA | Proprietary therapeutics treating serious medical disorders including opioid dependence and various neurological diseases.

Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly Oxygen Biotherapeutics)

Morrisville, United States | Developing cosmetic, topical and intravenous products that deliver oxygen to tissues.


Lazarettgasse 19, Austria | Researches and develops disease modifying allergen therapeutics.

Tianyin Pharmaceutical (TPI)

Chengdu, China | Produces branded generics, chinese herbal medicine and other pharmaceuticals.

A.P. Pharma

Redwood City, CA, USA | Microfluidic devices for improved drug delivery

Telik, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA, USA | Small molecule drugs to treat cancer

ELM Development

Luxembourg, Luxembourg | Investment company (agro-food, medtech, alternative energies...)

Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Established a safe and effective gene delivery approach and a unique process that enables the economic, commercially scalable manufacturing of gene therapy products.

20/20 Gene Systems

Rockville, MD, USA | Biomarker-based Diagnostics for Early Disease Detection of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease

TrueVision Systems Inc.

Santa Barbara, US | Visual, real-time guidance for microsurgery

Agile Therapeutics

Princeton,, NJ, USA | Transdermal drug delivery systems for women.

Sanuwave Health, Inc. PUBLIC

Alpharetta, GA, USA | Development and commercialization of noninvasive, biological response activating devices in the regenerative medicine area for the repair and regeneration of tissue, musculoskeletal and vascular structures.

VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc.

Saratoga, CA, USA | Implantable ophthalmic devices for untreatable retinal disorders

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources Inc

Laval, Canada | Develops medical products from Krill.

Genta Incorporated

Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA | Cancer treatments

Capricor, Inc

Heart-derived stem cells for cardiac regeneration

Novadaq Technologies Inc.

Mississauga, Canada | Real-time imaging to assess organs, tissues, and vessels during surgery

HyGreen, Inc.

Gainesville, FL, USA | First line of defense against healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

Taxus Cardium Therapeutics

San Diego, CA, USA | Therapeutic products and technologies for wound healing and cardiovascular diseases

SeraCare Life Sciences

Milford, MA, USA | Develops and sells biological products and services used to accelerate the development and manufacture of diagnostic and therapeutic products.


Harrington Park, New Jersey, USA | Designs, patents, and commercializes devices and therapeutics for back pain.

Epiomed Therapeutics, Inc

Irvine, CA, USA | Epiomed is engaged in the development of CNS drugs with a focus on anti-emetics

Vesselon Inc

Norwalk, CT, USA | Enabling paramedics to begin prehospital treatment of stroke victims.

E.T. VIEW Medical

M P Misgav, Israel | Airway management with continuous visualization for single-lung surgery

VertiFlex, Inc.

San Clemente, CA, USA | Develops invasive tech solutions to alleviate lumbar pain.

Clinova, Ltd.

Southampton, United Kingdom | Develops novel products for general healthcare application.

Strategic Diagnostics Inc.

Newark, Delaware, USA | Antibodies and immunoreagents for a broad range of applications.

Radisens Diagnostics Ltd

Bishopstown, Ireland | Developed disruptive diagnostics platform that drives the growth of point-of-care diagnostics.

EpiCept Corporation

Tarrytown, NY, USA | Pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer and pain.

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