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Summary Description Computer-guided laser used to create corneal flap in Step One of LASIK surgery

Management Robert J. Palmisano, President and Chief Executive Officer; Charline Gauthier O.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; P. Bernard Haffey, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer; Shelley B. Thunen, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; James A. Lightman, Senior Vice President and General Counsel; Eric Weinberg, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing; Greg Anderson, Vice President, U.S Sales; Paul Barros, Vice President, International Business Development; Michael Brownell, Vice President, Product Development; Michael Clemmons, Vice President, Business Process Management; Ted Devnew, Vice President, Corporate Accounts; Melinda Floros, Vice President, Customer Support; Kevin Harley, Vice President, Human Resources; Tibor Juhasz, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Technical Officer; Stephen McCusker, Vice President, Supply Chain Management; William Wright, Vice President, Operations; Krista Mallory, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

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Updated: Aug. 22, 2013


Advanced Medical Optics is expected to complete the acquirsition of IntraLase Corp. in Q2 2007. IntraLase Corp. designs and manufactures an ultra-fast laser and related software and disposable devi......view more

Products / Services

Proprietary femtosecond laser technology.......view more

Technology / Differentiation

The company's computer-controlled femtosecond laser replaces the handheld, metal-bladed microkeratome device traditionally used to create the corneal flap, improving the safety, precision and visual r...view more

Market / Customers

The company's lasers and disposables are marketed in the U.S.and internationally.......view more


IntraLase recently signed an agreement with TLCVision. In addition to expanding its U.S. market with TLCVision and individual surgeons, IntraLase is focused on Asian and other international LASIK mar...view more


Since introducing its product offering to the U.S. market in 2001, IntraLase has captured approximately 25% of the U.S. market for LASIK corneal flap creation. In April 2006, the company is expected ...view more

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