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Summary Description Products improving the accuracy of the standard ECG.

Management Jess Jones, M.D. Chief Executive Officer; Branislav Vajdic, PhD, Co-Founder, Board Member; Vincent J. Renz, President; Richard Brounstein, Chief Financial Officer; Ihor Gussak, MD, PhD, FACC, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President; Ihor Gussak, MD, PhD, FACC, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President; Dr. Dorin Panescu, Chief Technology Officer

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Keywords: cardiology, ECG, algorithm, cardiac, diagnostic, electrical activity, New Cardio


Updated: Aug. 22, 2013


NewCardio, a cardiac diagnostic and services company, develops proprietary 3D platform technology to improve accuracy and significantly increase the diagnostic value of the standard 12-lead electrocar......view more

Products / Services

NewCardio's product portfolio consists of QTinno, Visual3Dx and CardioBip. QTinno is a software suite that provides fully automated analysis of QT intervals and other ECG-based cardiac safety for ......view more

Technology / Differentiation

QTinno provides fast, accurate and precise QT data from a broad range of challenging ECGs, analyzing greater than 10,000 ECGs within an hour. It synthesizes information from all 12 leads into a 3D re...view more

Market / Customers

NewCardio continues to penetrate the marketplace, gaining traction with its Corelab, CRO, and PhI partners. With such an advanced 3D platform, they have the opportunity to be a disruptive force in mar......view more