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ProDrive Systems

4710 St-Ambroise, Suite 225
Montreal, Quebec H4C 2C7 Canada
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Research Sector Medical Devices & Tech

Summary Description Improving Cutting Speed and Reliability of Dental Handpieces

Management Dr. Derek M. J. Turner, Founder & Chairman; Jean T. Castonguay, Founder President & CEO; Clive Hooton, V.P. Quality; Mark Scott, Vice President Marketing & Product Management; Richard St. Pierre, V.P. of Operations; Mark Powell, V.P. Sales and Member of the Advisory Board;

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Updated: Apr. 05, 2011


ProDrive Systems, Inc. identifies the functional shortcomings of existing dental technologies and products and uses their findings in the development of improved and novel products. The company is spe......view more

Products / Services

The ProDrive System is the first high performance upgrade turbine and bur (commonly known as a dental drill) designed to retrofit into existing handpieces to improve cutting speed, quality and accurac......view more

Technology / Differentiation

Conventional friction grip chuck systems inadequately hold the bur in the spinning turbine, causing a loss of torque (difference in rotation) which reduces cutting speed. The ProDrive 100% Torque Tran...view more

Market / Customers

The ProDrive System is expected to have a significant impact in the North American turbine/bur market, valued at almost $1.6 billion in annual sales. The company's technology is targeted to the 135,00......view more


ProDrive Systems received FDA Regulatory License Approval for the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine in August 2006. The company launched a nationwide certified service program with Handpiece Experts in Novembe...view more