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MagForce Nanotechnologies AG

Max-Dohrn-Str. 8, Haus 5.2 8, Haus 5.2
Berlin, MA 10589 Germany
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Research Sector Medical Devices & Tech

Summary Description Nanotechnology cancer treatment company.

Management Prof. Dr. Walter Rust, Chairman; Dr. Peter Heinrich, CEO; Dr. Andreas Jordan, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

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Keywords: nanotechnology, glioblastoma, nanoparticles, tumors, hyperthermia, cancer


Updated: Oct. 28, 2015


MagForce Nanotechnologies AG (Berlin/Germany) is focused on the development of a new cancer treatment using tumor specific magnetic nanoparticles.......view more

Products / Services

Magforce Nanotechnologies' cancer therapy introduces magnetic nanoparticles into the tumor in a way which is direct and minimally invasive and their subsequent heating in an alternating magnetic field......view more

Technology / Differentiation

The Magforce technology makes it possible to fight the tumor from the inside out. Through their application, the particles are placed directly in the tumor. Their special coating allows them to penetr...view more

Market / Customers

In general, almost all solid tumor types can be treated with the MagForce nano-cancer therapy. Whereas the application of the nanoparticles can be performed by private-based and hospital specialists t......view more


The nano cancer technology and its related equipment are currently in the final phases of clinical trials. Until these have been successfully concluded, the products can only be used in conjunction wi...view more