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Summary Description Novel, minimally invasive drug delivery platform for continuous administration of insulin indicated for type 2 diabetes.

Management Eric Milledge, Chairman; James Peterson, CEO and Vice-Chairman; Douglas Gunthardt, CFO; Mads Dall, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development; Peter Gravesen, Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs; Michael Hassman, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing & Global Supply Chain; Jay Warner, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales

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Keywords: Diabetes, Insulin drug delivery, minimally invasive drug patch


Updated: Oct. 06, 2017


CeQur has developed a wearable insulin delivery device that delivers basal and bolus doses subcutaneously, thus granting flexibility to patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus who could benefit from inte......view more

Products / Services

The CeQur device is a patch-on infuser, which delivers basal insulin as well as meal-related bolus insulin at the simple push of a button - anywhere at any time, for several days. The system consist......view more

Technology / Differentiation

The company's insulin delivery technology enables the continuous delivery of insulin to diabetic patients. The company's apparatus serves as a discreet wearable patch infuser that delivers precise amo...view more

Market / Customers

It is estimated that there are 285 million people with diabetes in the world in 2010. Out of these 90-95% have type 2 diabetes. As their disease progress around 50% will eventually have to inject insu......view more

Competitors / Substitutes / Alternatives

The Cequr insulin delivery device will be among the first in this new category of 'patch-on' insulin delivery devices for people with Type 2 diabetes, who today have to inject themselves with insulin ...view more


The current series B raise will take the company through to full scale commercial launch....view more

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