Medical Devices & Tech

S.E.A. Medical Systems, Inc.

632 Sylvan Way
Emerald Hills, CA 94062 United States
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Research Sector Medical Devices & Tech

Summary Description Products for safe preparation, delivery and disposal of liquid drugs.

Management Michael J. Weickert, Ph.D., CEO and President; Ravi Srinivasan, Sr. VP Research and Development; Trudy Nichols, VP Quality Assurance; David W. Bates, M.D., Board of Directors; David A. Kvancz, MS, RPh, FASHP, Board of Directors; Barry Dickman, Board of Directors;

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Keywords: IV technology, IV check, smart iv, disposable, sensor, inexpensive, intravenous, IV preparation, administration, waste disposal, diversion detection, auto IV, IV Waste, IV management, smart pump, consumable, IV manufacturing, IV drug, Diagnostics, Drug Delivery, Drug Sensors, Wireless Information Transmittal, Drug Errors, Dialysis


Updated: Oct. 22, 2015


S.E.A. Medical has created a disruptive platform technology with life-saving applications, allowing for the identification and characterization of medical solutions in real time. Using a patents pendi......view more

Products / Services

S.E.A.'s technology is broadly applicable to multiple platforms including preventing IV preparation errors in the Pharmacy, identifying and stopping medication errors at the bedside, keeping expensive......view more

Technology / Differentiation

S.E.A. Medical has developed a disruptive technology, a proprietary version of admittance spectroscopy, to rapidly fingerprint conductive fluids and recognize ingredients contained within. Initial pro...view more

Market / Customers

Initial markets include Bioprocess and Quality control, Dialysis, Drug counterfeiting and IV safety and management. The IV equipment market, including infusion/medical pumps and consumable sets, was e......view more

Competitors / Substitutes / Alternatives

S.E.A. Medical's proprietary multiparametric impedance spectroscopy technology is unique in providing real time identity and concentration of critical compounds in medical fluids. No one has developed...view more

Revenue / Funding

Company has been privately funded and completed a Series A in 2010 and a Series B in January of 2012. Most (2/3rds) of the company's funding has been non-dilutive....view more


S.E.A. Medical Systems' disruptive alternative to the "chain of control" is creating products that instantaneously and continuously recognize the drug(s) in the intravenous fluid as well as their dose...view more

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