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Summary Description Early Cardiac Diagnostic System

Management Edward Chen, CEO

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Keywords: cardiac dysfunctions, cardiology, heart disease, early detection, CAD, coronary artery disease, preventive cardiology, silent ischemia, ECG, EKG, electrocardiography, coronary angiogram.


Updated: May 16, 2011


Bionetek develops and markets proprietary 12-lead Crebrocardiography (CCG) technology, allowing for the early diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities.......view more

Products / Services

Combining advanced cardiac mathematical modeling with a non-invasive and stress free 10 minute ECG-style test, the CARDx ECD diagnostic system can detect obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) with......view more

Technology / Differentiation

The 12-lead CCG core technology housed in the CARDx ECD system is rooted in quantum power spectrum and biocybernetic principles, which have been used widely in the aerospace, nuclear, and electronics ...view more

Market / Customers

Heart diseases are responsible for over 800,000 annual deaths in the United States and over 7 million worldwide. Whether for triage of patients with chest pain in the emergency room or for general cor......view more

Revenue / Funding

Bionetek is not receiving any funding from VCs, but is open to considering external financing from the right investor....view more


Bionetek launched a new website for the CARDx ECD in February 2009. The company has conducted several clinical trials in Europe and is in the process of identifying appropriate research facilities for...view more