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401 W Morgan
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA
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Research Sector Medical Devices & Tech

Summary Description Medical device company addressing inflammation-based diseases.

Management Jim Danehy, President and CEO; Dr. H. David Humes, Founder;

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Keywords: blood, CPB, surgery, ESRD, ARF, leukocytes, dialysis


Updated: Mar. 22, 2016


CytoPherx, Inc., is a venture-backed, clinical stage medical device company addressing inflammation-based diseases and conditions with a proprietary selective cytopheresis-based, inflammation mod......view more

Products / Services

The Company's first to market product will be for the treatment of Multi-Organ Failure with Acute Renal Failure. Additional applications in development include: 1) Chronic Heart Failure 2) Acute Hea......view more

Technology / Differentiation

The Company's products are custom, patent-protected configurations of hollow fiber 'smart membrane' filters, proprietary connectors and tubing sets that are used in a proprietary manner to sequester ...view more


Devices not cleared or approved for use in the United States....view more

...view more