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Specialized devices for cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation and interventional radiology markets

Enpath Medical
2300 Berkshire Lane N
Minneapolis, MN, USA 55441
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Founded 1981
Employees: 260
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Mark C. Kraus, Vice President & General Manager of Introducers; F. Anthony Headley, Jr., P.E, Vice President & General Manager Stimulation Leads & Advanced Delivery Systems; Michael D. Erdmann, Corporate Controller and Corporate Secretary; Steven D. Mogensen, Steven D. Mogensen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing; Mike Winegar, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
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Enpath Medical develops, manufactures and markets percutaneous vessel introducers, implantable stimulation leads, steerable catheter delivery systems and accessories for the cardiac rhythm management (CRM), neuromodulation and interventional radiology markets. The company also manufactures medical devices and components for other medical product companies on a contract basis.

Products & Services

Enpath Medical develops and manufactures its own product line of implantable pacing leads, lead adapters, lead delivery systems, and venous introducers. Enpath manufactures delivery systems that solve procedural difficulties and enable safe, simple delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic devices.

Technology & Differentiation

Enpath offers a family of percutaneous venous vessel introducers that enable physicians to create a conduit through which they insert infusion catheters, implantable ports, pacemaker leads, and other therapeutic devices into a blood vessel.

Market & Customers

The company serves various customers in the cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation, and interventional radiology markets.

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Enpath Medical has been supplying implantable pacemaker leads to the CRM market since 1989 and holds a number of patents relating to pacing leads and implant tools. The company has been successfully partnering in the development and manufacture of implantable stimulation leads for OEM customers in the field of Neuromodulation since mid-1990.

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