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2828 SW Corbett Ave, Ste 114
Portland, OR 97201 USA
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Research Sector Biotech Specialty Pharma

Summary Description DesignMedix is a drug development company focused on overcoming drug resistance, one of the major challenges impacting human health and drug development today.

Management Lynnor Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer; Sandra Shotwell, Chief Operations Officer; Jane Kelly, Senior Chemist

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Keywords: pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, toxicology, mutagenesis, parasitology, drug resistance, malaria,


Updated: Dec. 04, 2018


DesignMedix formerly develops drugs to overcome drug resistance in multiple diseases. Each year, malaria and diarrhea kill over 1.5 million children more than 3000 per day! All anti-infective and ......view more

Technology / Differentiation

Drug-resistant malaria is now commonplace in Southeast Asia and Africa, and drug alternatives are generally expensive and can cause significant side effects. We are pursuing novel approaches that show...view more

Market / Customers

Total market need for antimalarial drugs is approximately 500 million treatment courses ($500m). In emerging markets such as India, China, Southeast Asia and Brazil, pharmaceutical markets are growing......view more

Revenue / Funding

Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) invested $580,000 in 2008 and individual angels added about $600,000 for a total Series A of $1.175 million, closed in 2009. DesignMedix currently is seeking $1.5M. To date we ...view more


Companys Law Firm Ater, Wynne Companys Banker: Wells Fargo Companys Accounting Firm K,S & Co...view more