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San Francisco, CA 94103
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Management The current management and advisory group are composed of some of the top leaders from the original inhaled insulin programs with deep experience in diabetes and drug development. There are many additional inhaled insulin experts in all areas waiting in the wings until Dance is ready. John Patton (CEO) ? Board member, Co-Founder, CSO Inhale/Nektar (nktr), Directly participated in multiple public and private financings, mergers and business development deals, founding investor in Halozyme (halo) and Pleiades Cardiotherapeutics Samantha Miller (CBO) ? Board Member, Numerous global and regional partnership deals, pulmonary and non-pulmonary, 20 years experience drug delivery Truc Le (SVP Manufacturing) - Nektar, global mfg, lead Nektar inhaled insulin manufacturing effort. Dr Mei-Chang Kuo (VP chemistry) ? 15 years insulin formulations Dr. James Fink (VP Product) ? 25 years pulmonary development including inhaled insulin Key Advisors Dr Joe Brain (Harvard) ? 20 yrs inhaled insulin safety expert Dr Peter Byron (VCU) ? Leading academic inhalation expert Dr Robert Gerety ? Former FDA, regulatory expert Dr Linda Hakes ? (VP UCB) ? former Lilly, insulin chemistry John Howard (Apple, Nektar) ? Lead Exubera device development Dr. Ralph Niven (APT Bio) ? 25 years inhalation delivery Dr. Paul Norwood - >100 patients on Exubera Dr Andreas Pfutzner ? top diabetes opinion leader in Europe Dr Marsha Testa ? (Harvard) ?inhaled insulin patient preference expert

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Updated: Dec. 15, 2014


Dance Pharmaceuticals is a San Francisco based, global company that is exclusively focused on bringing a line of low cost, patient friendly inhaled insulin products to the diabetics of the world. Pa......view more

Products / Services

There is strong consensus that a better way to deliver insulin is desirable. A non-invasive way to give insulin has been a holy grail in drug delivery ever since insulin was discovered in l922. Alth......view more

Technology / Differentiation

With more than 40 companies involved in the development of insulin inhalation systems throughout the 90s and 00s, there is a mountain of old and current IP in the field. So there is plenty from which...view more

Market / Customers

Diabetics can be stratified into a number of target markets depending on the type, severity and duration of their disease. Dances initial target market for its first inhaler products will be patients......view more

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The idea of inhaled insulin remains medically sound and compelling. Inhaled insulin technology works well and only needs expert refinement. Dance and its team understand in detail the reasons why th...view more

Revenue / Funding

Dance is close to completing a first round of angel funding of $2M. This initial funding is being used to secure licenses and developing final product form factor....view more


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