Researches and develops disease modifying allergen therapeutics.

Vienna Competence Center,
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Rainer Henning, PhD, CEO; Karl Fister, CFO; Angela Neubauer, PhD, Head of Product Development; Hans Huber, PhD, Chief Operating Officer.
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Biomay products will dramatically improve the quality of life of patients by offering long-term cure for their disease. We discover and develop recombinant allergy vaccines with a superior efficacy and safety profile. These innovative vaccines are based on cutting edge science for immunotherapy and prophylaxis that we generate in close cooperation with our academic partners.

The clinical efficacy of our products is demonstrated under the highest medical standards. We cooperate with leading allergy specialists and industrial partners to revolutionize allergy treatment solutions for the patients benefit. Manufacturing of our own and our clients development products complies with the highest quality standards. Additionally, we support our clients by offering highly professional GMP contract manufacturing services.

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RNA Vaccines for Allergy Prophylaxis: The ultimate goal of our research is the prevention of sensitization against allergens in early childhood. To achieve this challenging goal, the vaccines to be used need to be completely free of safety concerns. 4th generation allergy vaccinations based on RNA vaccines are Biomay\'s focus for efficient allergy prophylaxis. RNA vaccines are not regulated as gene therapy and do not pose the risk of persistent allergen expression due to the impossibility of genomic integration. RNA vaccines provoke a transient expression of allergens after uptake into allergen-presenting cells. Allergen fragment peptides are presented on MHC and may induce the production of protective IgGs as well as priming long lasting Th1 reactions.

Biomay succeeded in showing the pre-clinical proof of concept of this next generation prophylactic vaccine. Patents held by Biomay protect this technology that offers a generic platform for all allergens with known sequences. Peptide Carrier Fusion Vaccines: Peptide carrier fusion vaccines are the current focus for allergy immunotherapy research and development at Biomay. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines contain linear peptides which are parts of B-cell epitopes. These peptides are fused to an immunogenic carrier element and expressed as fusion proteins by recombinant technology. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines induce allergen specific IgG that are directed against parts of the IgE epitope and block the binding of IgE. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines consist of a carrier protein fused to linearized peptides of B-cell epitopes. These peptide carrier molecules are expressed by recombinant technology as one polypeptide chain. They induce allergen specific IgG that are directed against parts of the IgE epitope and block the binding of IgE. Peptide carrier fusion vaccines offer superior efficacy and safety. They provide a universal, highly specific allergy immunotherapy platform with an unrivaled safety profile. On the basis of convincing pre-clinical proof-of-concept and human data Biomay is currently conducting a Phase IIa environmental challenge chamber clinical trial with its lead product BM32, a peptide carrier fusion vaccine against grass pollen allergies. A phase IIb study in outpatients will be initiated in 2012. A further peptide carrier fusion vaccine against birch pollen allergies (BM31) is currently at the preclinical development stage. Future developments comprise house dust mite, ragweed and Japanese cedar vaccines. Biomay\'s proprietary technologies are well protected by a large and growing portfolio of patents and patent applications. For manufacturing its peptide carrier fusion vaccines, Biomay utilizes state of the art technology in its in house GMP facility.

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Biomay produces both research-grade and GMP-grade ÷ffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterrecombinant allergens. Due to the company\'s experience with microbial expression systems (E. coli, P. pastoris) and dedicated production facilities for characterization and purification these allergens are sold at an exceptional high quality level.

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Their lead product for immunotherapy of grass pollen allergy- BM32 - has been advanced into phase IIb clinical trials. The long-term goal is to offer vaccine candidates for allergies caused by the most important aeroallergen sources (grass, birch, house dust mite, ragweed, Japanese cedar). Therefore, they work to broaden their product pipeline and carry further new products through preclinical and early clinical development. They will bring our product candidates to clinical proof of concept with the aim of partnering them for large late stage clinical trials, registration and marketing.

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