Medical Devices & Tech

Hemacon GmbH

Hammer Dorfstrasse 39
Düsseldorf, Germany 40221
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Research Sector Medical Devices & Tech

Summary Description Develops technology that treats and identifies blood related disease.

Management Wolfgang Oster MD, PhD, Executive Chairmen; Oliver Oechsle, COO; Chandra Venkatraman, Director & Strategy Advisor India

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Keywords: Pulmonology, blood, diagnostics, transfusions, loss, red, cell, fiber, erythrocytes, tech, disease, immunological


Updated: Oct. 22, 2015


Hemacon's gravity-based blood separation system enables the easy, effective and on-site separation of blood into its components. Based on the unique filter technology in the ProBlood unit, the system ......view more

Products / Services

Blood transfusions are often required to help patients suffering from major blood loss to survive. Red blood cells comprise the blood component most in demand for transfusions. Hemacon's ProBlood s......view more

Technology / Differentiation

One core component of the Hemacons ProBlood technology is an extensive braid of hollow micro fibers which propagate red bloods cells through the fibers, while simultaneously extracting the blood p...view more