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Research Sector Diagnostics

Summary Description Develops diagnostic technology to treat underlying conditions for serious illnesses.

Management Robert Maurer, Founder/Chairmen/CEO; Robert Aubrey, Managing Director; Lesli Fellman, VP of Finance and Founder; Brenda Christian, Director of Product and Project Management

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Keywords: Diagnostics, PatientMonitoring, Imaging, diabetes, stroke, cancer, oncology, hypertension, disease


Updated: Oct. 22, 2015


IR2Dx 's novel diagnostic tests enable physicians to greatly improve detection and outcome for patients developing or suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis, and related diseases. We are the lead......view more

Products / Services

Multi-marker panels for disease pathway assessment Multi-marker panels for response and dose assessment cover each anti-diabetic drug class Single analyte POC tests ......view more

Technology / Differentiation

Products use novel combinations of known markers with drug effect guidance Standard protein and mRNA quantification using immunoassay and PCR based methods...view more