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Research Sector Healthcare IT

Summary Description Develops cloud-based systems for healthcare professionals.

Management James M. Karis, Co-CEO; Thomas R. Mika, Co-CEO; George D. Lundberg, MD, Editor-In-Chief & Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board; Jeff Shrager, PhD, Co-Founder, Consulting Chief Technologist; Smruti Vidwans, PhD, Chief Scientist; Randy Gobbel, PhD, Head of Engineering; Gavin J. Gordon, MBA, PhD, Head of Business Development & Alliances

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Keywords: cloud, software systems, molecular, disease, models, healthcare, IT, digital, content


Updated: Oct. 22, 2015


CollabRx is a data analytics company that uses cloud-based expert systems to inform healthcare decision-making by aggregating and contextualizing the worlds knowledge on genomics-based medicine wit......view more

Products / Services

CollabRx develops proprietary and unique digital content using tools and processes that combine Artificial Intelligence-based aggregation of public databases with knowledge directly obtained from lea......view more

Technology / Differentiation

The Science Behind the Revolution CollabRx core technology is a blend of cutting-edge medical science and research knowledge bases assembled and curated using Artificial Intelligence-based analytics....view more