Cynapsus Therapeutics

828 Richmond St W
Toronto, Ontario ON M6J 3P7 Canada
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Management Anthony Giovinazzo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Director; Dr. Albert Agro, Chief Medical Officer; Andrew Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

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Keywords: Parkinson's disease, injections, therapy, PD, treatment


Updated: Nov. 06, 2014


Cynapsus is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing a convenient and easy to use sublingual (oral) thin film strip for the acute rescue of off motor symptoms of Parkinsons disease. Over one m......view more

Products / Services

APL-130277 apomorphine delivery system.......view more

Technology / Differentiation

APL-130277 is a unique and patented apomorphine delivery system offering ease of use and pharmacokinetic properties suitable as a rescue therapy to treat motor fluctuations (off-episodes) in patients ...view more

Market / Customers

Up to 50% of patients with PD experience daily fluctuations in performing motor activities. These off-episodes range from end of dose, wearing off symptom control, latency to onset of baseline medicat......view more