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Summary Description Synthetic bone grafting materials industry with the most advanced and safest technology.

Management Art Wotiz, CEO; Bob Lester, CFO; David Gaisser, Vice President; Sri Katta, Product Manager; Sandra Woolsey, Executive Asst; Sandra Allen, Sales Manager; Jipin Zhong, Chief Representative; Dr. Raghu T. N, Indian Consultant

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Keywords: orthopedic, bioactive, dental surgeons, osteoconductive, osteostimulative


Updated: Mar. 31, 2010


NovaBone Products, LLC will lead the synthetic bone grafting materials industry with the most advanced and safest technology available. NovaBone Products will exploit the fact that its technology yie......view more

Products / Services

PerioGlas, the leader in synthetic dental/periodontal bone grafting material around the world. NovaBone offers orthopedic surgeons a scaffold for new bone growth and remodels to normal bone. NovaBon......view more

Technology / Differentiation

Bioengineering; biomimetic mineralizers; biomaterials....view more

Market / Customers

Oral/periodontal - PerioGlas ; Cranio-maxillofacial - NovaBone-C/M, and Orthopedic - NovaBone.......view more

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