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Novalar Pharmaceuticals

12555 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92130 USA
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Research Sector Biotech Specialty Pharma

Summary Description Targeted Oral Pharmaceuticals Reducing Numbness and Pain Following Dental Procedures

Management Donna Janson, President and Chief Executive Officer; Robert S. Stefanovich, MS, Chief Financial Officer; Laura A. Navalta, Chief Operating Officer; Richard Ghalie, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer; Diana P. Friedman, MA, MBA, Vice President, Marketing; Jeffrey Lord, Vice President, Sales; Doug Bakan, PhD, Vice President, Product Development

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Keywords: OraVerse, NV-201, root canal, clindamycin, endodontist, dental, anesthesia, biotech, oral pharmaceutical, numbness, pain, swelling, anesthetic reversal


Updated: Apr. 20, 2011


Novalar is a specialty biopharmaceutical company addressing the common sources of patient discomfort following dental procedures, including the numbness associated with anesthesia and pain following r......view more

Products / Services

The company's OraVerse injection is a FDA-approved local anesthetic reversal agent accelerating the return of normal sensation and function following restorative and periodontal maintenance procedures......view more

Technology / Differentiation

OraVerse is a clear, colorless, sterile, non pyrogenic, isotonic and preservative-free solution. Phentolamine mesylate, the active ingredient in OraVerse, produces a relatively short alpha-adrenergic ...view more

Market / Customers

Approximately 275 million cartridges of local dental anesthetic are administered annually in the United States. Since there are currently no known competitors to OraVerse, Novalar anticipates signific......view more


Novalar received FDA approval for OraVerse in May 2008. The company published the results of its Phase 3 clinical studies in August 2008, which vouched for the safety and efficacy of OraVerse in reduc...view more