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Bright Now! Dental, Inc

201 E. Sandpointe, Suite 800
Santa Ana, CA 92707 USA
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Research Sector Healthcare Services

Summary Description Support services to 200 dental offices in 18 states.

Management Steven C. Bilt, President and Chief Executive Officer; Bradley E. Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer; Beth Goldstein, Senior Vice President, Human Resources; George Suda,Chief Information Officer; William P. McCarthy, Vice President of Real Estate and Facility Development; Karen Lieber, J.D., Vice President and General Counsel; Steven E. Tumbarello, Vice President of Finance; Alan D. Sechrest, Vice President of Credit Services; Kim Marcus, Vice President & Corporate Controller; Roy D. Smith, DDS, Chief Operations Officer; Dennis R. Fratt, DDS, Senior Vice President, Operations Services Group; Stephen R. Ashlock, Area Vice President, Northwest; Judy L. Dunbar, Area Vice President, West; Mark Merriweather, DDS, Area Vice President, Southwest; Victor Press, DDS, Area Vice President, South Texas; Steve Laudicino, Area Vice President, Central; Donald L. Kane, DDS, Area Vice President, East

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Updated: Jan. 11, 2009


Bright Now! Dental Inc., is a dental practice management company that provides business and support services to 200 dental offices in 18 states nationwide. Independent dentists deliver general, specia......view more

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Bright Now!'s wholly owned subsidiaries include Monarch Dental Corporation and Newport Dental Plan.......view more


Bright Now! Offers dentists and their patients numerous benefits and advantages over traditional dental care settings. Dentists benefit from business support services that include administrative suppo...view more