Colby Pharmaceutical Company

5941 Optical Court
San Jose, CA 95138 USA
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Research Sector Pharmaceutical

Summary Description Develops biologic and small molecule drugs to treat or cure cancer and neuropathic pain.

Management David Zarling PhD MBA, Chief Executive Officer

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Keywords: signal transduction modulator drugs, cancer, pain, prostate cancer


Updated: Jan. 06, 2016


Colby Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company that has developed an innovative therapeutic platform of drug candidates that modulate the metabolic pathways, which underlie disease progression, specifical......view more

Products / Services

CPC-100, CPC-200......view more

Technology / Differentiation

ILNI inoculation directly into normal lymph nodes, using ultrasound image guided syringes of viral or cancer vaccine antigens, produces much more potent therapeutic T-cell responses compared to immuni...view more

Revenue / Funding

Colby has been primarily financed by non-dilutive grants and contracts. In 2011, Colby also sold to Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. its rights for two preclinical assets and one clinical asset which wer...view more


In a Phase 1 human melanoma study of MKC1106-MT, the most advanced ILNI regimen from this program, clearly met the primary endpoints as repeat intra-lymph nodal injections for administration of the th...view more