DesignMedix: Overcoming Drug Resistance

DesignMedix places great emphasis on tackling problems of drug resistant diseases, such as malaria, bacteria, and cancer. There is a huge market for creating new drugs as each disease needs multiple treatments. DesignMedix’s solution to the problem is creating novel drugs that overcome resistance that leverages safety and effectiveness of initial drugs, which in turn decreases time and risk of drug development.

Currently, the company has created a new, stable low-cost manufacture drug that kills drug-resistant malaria. In clinical tests, the drug has been potent in killing drug-resistant malaria in all patient samples. The company aims to acquire a potential exit strategy through prospective buyers from Generics companies serving the malaria market.


To learn more about DesignMedix be sure to see them at the 7th Annual OneMedForum in San Francisco from January 13th-15th.

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