Device Innovators Mustn’t Neglect Payers

The cheap jordans Orange Country Register ran an interesting article yesterday on the hurdles medical device manufacturers face to gain reimbursement for their products. The piece asserts that while device firms tend to pay proper attention to the regulator and physician segments of their customer pool, one group often gets neglected: insurers. Whether it’s in talking with a private insurance company or government-funded Medicare office, device makers “need to speak in that language,” said Eugene Chen, CEO of USGI Medical, during a panel discussion in Irvine, CA, that inspired the cheap jordans Register article. Chen said device companies “need to be aware of how their institutional customers think, and tailor their message accordingly.” He recommended that small companies, when speaking with payers, emphasize plans for savings over predictions for high sales. Above all, though, Chen advised device innovators to avoid procrastination: “Start thinking about it early. After the product has been developed — that’s way too late.”

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