DxNA Amplifies Genetic Material to Detect Disease

DxNA is medical devices company that uses the amplification of genetic material for the diagnostic identification of diseases, microbes, or genetic disorders. The company has fully automated the process known as polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, that amplifies specific genetic material. Depending on the test being done, genetic material specific to microbes such as bacteria or diseases such as HIV are targeted for amplification, and if present, once amplified give a disease identifying signal. The company’s all-in-one unit enables individuals with almost no training to carry out diagnostic PCR.

Development of accurate, fully automated diagnostics is essential for streamlining and facilitating the identification of diseases, which is essential for improving healthcare overall. This is particularly true for genetic diagnostics that can be used to identify a wide spectrum of conditions, from autoimmune diseases to pathogenic diseases, such as bacterial and viral infections. To this end, DxNA has developed fully automated, genetic-based diagnostics that can be used with relative ease, without the need of large laboratory resources, for diagnosis of different illnesses.

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