e-Zassi To Present Solution To Fractured Medical Device Ecosystem

e-Zassi is the medical device industry’s first subscription-based, integrated online business network, decision support software and technology marketplace. Launched in 2008, the company was spun out from Zassi Medical Evolutions. The vision for e-Zassi came as a result of the real world frustrations experienced by the management team during the development and commercialization of several important medical technologies. These technologies created a $150 million worldwide product category. The product line was subsequently acquired, allowing the team to focus all efforts on the creation of e-Zassi, a OneMedForum NY 2011 presenting company.

The vision was to create an online platform that would streamline and empower all sectors of the fractured medical device ecosystem by providing a secure, online environment for rapid technology assessment, trade, collaboration and vastly more precise search/match capability without utilizing any confidential information.

There are two major components of e-Zassi technology: a Product Development Platform that enables subject matter experts to efficiently define the models, business rules and insightful content driving the decision support tools and a Software-as-a-Service Platform to deliver business functions to our subscribers. Both platforms are built on state of the art technologies using widely accepted industry standards. E-Zassi’s proprietary Device Network Attribute (DNA) logic allows members to “digitize” their skills, industry objectives, and technologies into a market-specific repository of searchable data points. These data points comprise the more than 5000 traits and attributes of the individuals, organizations and technologies within the e-Zassi community giving members the most precise search/match capability available in the market.

e-Zassi.com has recently launched a new enterprise version of their patent pending InnoVision software that allows medical device companies, venture capital firms and research organizations to have a custom branded version available directly from their own web site or intranet.

According to Peter von Dyck, CEO of e-Zassi.com, “This new software deployment was driven by market dynamics and the impact that the evolving FDA approval process is having on the increased scrutiny and diligence of potentially innovative and life saving new technologies. It also represents a shift that we have identified in the delivery of web-based applications, as organizations move to empower their own websites with increased capabilities.”

The e-Zassi platform is rapidly gaining acceptance among both researchers who are looking to license technology as well as with purchasers of technology as they experience the benefits of being able to securely and safely collaborate early in the development process without jeopardizing intellectual property rights of the innovator or limiting the buyer’s freedom to operate.

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