Echo Therapeutics Rated Strong Spec Buy by Life Tech Capital

Over at Seeking Alpha, Mike Havrilla reports that biotechnology company Echo Therapeutics was rated a “strong speculative buy” by research and consulting firm LifeTech Capital. The following excerpt is from LifeTech’s Institutional Research Report on Echo:

There are a limited number of continuous glucose monitor systems currently on the market. The significant differences between Echo Therapeutics’ Symphony system and the competition is the needle-free transdermal biosensor, clinical trials in the hospital setting and biosensor life.

We believe the transdermal biosensor is a significant advantage over the existing biosensors on the market. All existing FDA-approved continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems are needle-based, requiring insertion of a glucose sensor into the patient’s skin, which gives rise to risks of infection, inflammation or bleeding at the insertion site. Symphony is a non-invasive tCGM system that does not require insertion of its glucose sensor and thus does not give rise to the risks associated with needle-based CGM systems.

We also believe Echo Therapeutics’ clinical trials in the critical care setting provides a major marketing advantage over the competition in the hospital market. The Symphony system would represent an answer to the new FDA demands for more accurate glucose monitors in the hospital.

Download the rest of the report at the BioMedReports research download section.

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