Editor’s Note August 29, 2012

This week’s Sentinel features a series of new columns exploring social media, hot stocks and sectors, and upcoming events that could move your investment portfolio. Be sure to check out our latest feature, “Bulls, Bears”, looking at the performance of some promising smallcap companies in CNS.

By now, you have hopefully heard that OneMedForumNY 2012 was an overwhelming success. Visit the OneMedForum website for a look back at the event, and for more information about OneMedForumSF 2013, our 6th annual West Coast healthcare and life sciences conference, taking place January 7-9.

Look out for a series of press releases outlining new benefits for members of OneMedPlace. This includes access to multimedia archives, new research reports (such as this white paper exploring investment opportunities in Zurich), and new services for innovative corporate financing strategies.

You can register for free to become a member of OneMedPlace here.

Enjoy this issue!

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