Editor’s Note December 20, 2012

With a new year upon us, we are reminded of the year that is now coming to a close.  2011 has brought some amazing advancements in the healthcare and life science industry.  OneMedForum SF 2012 is just around the corner and we are gearing up to present some of the most promising companies and technologies, as well as innovative approaches to funding the growth economy.  In this issue, we highlight presenting companies and what to expect from China Forum II, a follow up to last year’s China Forum. Happy Holidays!

James Huang, MBA, China Forum II co-chair, is interviewed by OneMedRadio where he discusses the big trends in healthcare in China. China Forum II will be held January 9, 2012 in San Francisco.

Mirna Therapeutics uses synthetic miRNA to fight disease. The synthetic miRNA mimics the gene regulation function of natural miRNA by activating dormant pathways through which therapeutic agents can target the diseased cells.

Researchers discovered some time ago that enhancing the immune system with antibodies, proteins that fight off foreign invaders, similar to what it produces naturally, can speed up the healing process. Excelimmune has taken this therapy to a new level with the development of human recombinant polyclonal antibody (HRPA) technology.

Biovista has improved on the concept of identifying new therapeutic uses for existing drugs through an evaluation process that not only identifies the alternative use, but also profiles the possible side effects.

Every week, Peter Winter, consultant to the biotechnology industry, brings us financings and business developments in the global diagnostics business in his column “This Week In Diagnostics”.  Peter has over 30 years experience as a scientist, science journalist, and publisher.

CVAC Wellness Systems has developed a natural method for enhancing physical condition. Continuous exposure to this process is believed to build up the body’s ability to more easily adapt to environmental changes, regardless of age and physical strength.

BMEYE has developed two products that have been given approval to be marketed by U.S. and European regulatory agencies: Nexfin, used for cardiology patients, and ccNexfin, used for anesthesia and critical care.

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