Editor’s Note October 3, 2011

As OneMedForum SF 2012 approaches, OneMedSentinel is on the lookout for some of the most promising companies and technologies, as well as innovative approaches to funding the growth economy. In this issue:

OneMedPlace is pleased to announce that The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation will sponsor  OneMedForum SF 2012. Coulter will bring promising medical technologies from leading universities.

The Journal of Rheumatology recently featured a TONIX Pharmaceuticals study demonstrating an improvement in core symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia.

Peter Winter, consultant to the biotechnology industry, brings us financings and business developments in the global diagnostics business in his column “This Week In Diagnostics“. Peter has over 30 years experience as a scientist, science journalist, and publisher.

Advanced Cell Technology (OTCBB:ACTC) has received approval from the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board to move forward with enrolling and treating the next set of patients in each of its two US stem cell clinical trials.

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