EndoSphere Surgical Simplifies Laparoscopic Surgery

EndoSphere Surgical, Inc. creates tools and products to alleviate the stress and difficulty of laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery involves inflation of the abdomen with carbon Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.32.12 PMdioxide gas and the creation of multiple very small incisions (ports) for the insertion of various instruments, which are then used to travel through the abdomen and intricately work on the area of impairment. According to CEO Melvin Prenovitz, there may be as many as two assistants holding extra instruments alongside the surgeon, as well as another who holds an insertable camera and a light, so that the process is visible without the need for open surgery.

In order to simplify the surgery, EndoSphere Surgical has developed a camera and light fixture that rides along with the trocar instrument. Laparoscopic procedures conducted with the EndoSphere Surgical system are immensely easier, and can be done in an environment with significantly lowered pressure. Mr. Prenovitz described the new system as being easier for surgeons, especially those 45 and under – as they have played more interactive video games than their older colleagues! Interestingly enough, the concept of virtually entering a person’s body and conducting surgery uses similar coordination and spatial understanding as many computer-simulated games.

Thus far, EndoSphere Surgical has secured two U.S. patents and just received word that they have been granted a patent in China as well. The Company is currently halfway to commercialization with a market potential of millions of surgeries (including the 1+ million gallbladder removals) per year. The Company hopes to raise $1.5 million more in investments and complete a 510K-approval process, making them an attractive prospect to strategic buyers within the next 18-24 months.

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