Enova Forms Joint-Venture Orthopedics Company

Enova Medical Technologies, of St. Paul, MN, has teamed up with a footwear-development company to launch Exos Corporation, a joint-venture company that will make orthopedic support devices.

Exos will focus on the development and commercialization of a patent-pending technology called OrthoFoam Dry-Heat Thermoformable Splint/Cast/Brace Systems, developed by Enova’s partner in this venture, Aspen, CO-based Product Innovations. Taking a composite-materials approach to the construction and custom fitting of orthopedic devices, OrthoFoam is expected to innovate standards of care for orthopedic casting, splinting and bracing.

“There is considerable market opportunity for this technology, ranging from emergency room splinting to long-term bracing during patient rehabilitation,” said Enova’s CEO, Fariborz Boor Boor, who also will serve as president and CEO of Exos. “Our immediate focus is to manufacture and launch our initial OrthoFoam products for upper extremity injuries. Over the next year, we will release additional products for lower extremity injuries and longer-term bracing needs through a variety of clinical venues.”

The first product is expected to launch in early 2008.

“Casting has seen little improvement over the past twenty-five years when compared with other medical fields and we intend to raise it to a new level,” said Mark Joseph, president of Product Innovations and the developer of OrthoFoam.

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