Executives From Top Investment Firms Attended OneMedForum Kick Off Reception

OneMedPlace held a 2nd reception to promote OneMedForum New York 2012 last Thursday at The Chasson Group offices. The cloudy day in New York City cooperated to make for a successful rooftop wine reception.

Over 50 guests were present, including executives from Grant Thornton, BDO, Brean Murray Carret and Co., UBS Financial Services, JMP Securities, and other reputable groups. Cheese and vegetable platters were served on high boy tables amongst chatter of the third annual investor conference to be held July 12, 2012 at The Metropolitan Club in New York City.

This year’s conference will continue its trans-Atlantic theme, creating an environment for sector-specific firms and investors to discover opportunities in tangential spaces. Individuals can expect networking opportunities bringing voices from all sectors together, and workshops that highlight convergence and synthesis within the industry.

OneMedPlace acts a broker of information between high net worth financiers, promising companies and leaders in the space. The unique platform of synthesized targeted multimedia, research reports, privileged networks and databases culminate in a forum in which fast-growing companies directly showcase their unique opportunities to those most interested. OneMedPlace is the all-encompassing resource to support the Trans-Atlantic Conference education, financing and networking opportunities.

The conference will feature panels on Regenerative Medicine, Oncology, Diagnostics, and Health Information. There will also be four separate workshop sessions on the JOBS Act and crowdfunding.

Proving informative, a First Day of Summer Wine Reception will be held the evening of Thursday, June 21, 2012 on the rooftop at the Chasson Group offices. Interested parties should plan to attend. For more information, call 212-734-1008.

To register to attend the Third Annual OneMedForum New York, please click here.

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