FDA Cracks Down on Conflicts of Interest

FDA announced yesterday that it would impose stricter rules upon members of its advisory committees. These committees make recommendations on whether a device or drug should be approved. It’s not required to, but FDA typically accepts the recommendations of its committees. Many of the docs who get recruited for the scarpe jordan uomo committees have ties to the device and drug industries, which critics say inhibits their ability to be impartial. Going forward, according to the new guidance, if a doctor’s financial interest in the company whose device or drug is being discussed exceeds $50,000, he or she won’t be allowed to participate. If the financial interests are $50,000 or less, the doctor could participate in the discussion but not be allowed to vote. Only individuals with no potential conflicts would be eligible to vote. The issue of financially motivated committee members has been a nagging thorn in FDA’s side. One of the first major changes put in place by commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach, the new rules are generally considered a step in the right direction. A scholar from the American Enterprise Institute, though, tells The New York Times, “There are going to be more good people who can’t get over the hurdles.”          http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

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