Fertility Focus Improves Diagnoses and Treatment of Infertility

Infertility is one of the most impacting and daunting conditions in Women’s Health medicine, afflicting approximately 10% of the female population. To address this condition, Fertility Focus has developed a novel laparoscopic technology that significantly improves the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in women, producing more rapid pregnancies compared with the conventional pathway, while at the same time lowering treatment costs. The device, called the Fertiloscope, allows clinicians to access the pelvic region via the vagina, enabling visualization and diagnosis of physical abnormalities that cause infertility, and most also gives clinicians the option to correct abnormalities on the spot while conducting the exam, providing a rapid, minimally invasive procedure which can be carried out in a day-case setting.  Fertiloscope is CE and FDA approved and already in use in a number of leading infertility centers throughout the world.

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