First-Mover Healthcare CrowdFunding Portals and Online Investment Firms to Present at 7th Annual OneMedForum San Francisco

OneMedForum announced today that it has assembled two panels featuring early entrants in the emerging areas of crowdfunding and online investment banking in healthcare.  Panelists will offer insights on their experiences thus far, along with their outlook on this new approach to funding. The sessions will be held on Monday, January 13th, and Tuesday, the 14th, during the 7th Annual OneMedForum at the Westin San Francisco Market Street.

“We’re excited to get insights from the leading Portals as well as those providing the infrastructure for this emerging area,” said Brett Johnson, CEO of OneMedPlace and conference organizer, adding, “The JOBS Act has dramatically transformed the rules by which finance will be conducted. Getting insight from the early players in this space will be interesting for both financiers and companies alike.”

Monday’s session, “Online Investment Banking”, will offer the perspectives of the infrastructure providers who will address the critical functions of due diligence, SEC compliance, electronic venture investing, and marketing. Moderated by Continental Stock Transfer, it will also include insights from Zacks Direct, one of the first marketing agencies dedicated to companies and investment funds capitalizing on the changes to general solicitation rules.

Tuesday’s session will bring together a panel of early entrants in the area of dedicated healthcare crowdfunding portals in the United States, including founders and CEOs of HealthiosXchange, Poliwogg, Healthfundr, and Venture Health.  “I had to pick four pioneering firms in the U.S. that have thrown their hat into the ring, this would be the group,” said Alex Fair, who runs Medstartr, a leading health rewards crowdfunding site and plans to roll out Medfundr in early 2014.

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