OneMedForum NY 2012, July 11-12th

Profiting from Disruptive Changes in Healthcare and Finance. Gain an understanding of the most dynamic areas of healthcare and the disruptive technologies and companies shaping the future of health and medicine. Learn how changes to US Securities laws (through the JOBS Act) will impact growth company financing.

OneMedPlace Trans-Atlantic Conference is a gathering of leading investors and management of some of the most promising emerging life science companies in Europe and North America. Strategies for healthcare investors looking for outsized returns.

Panels of leading investors and experts will discuss opportunities in medical devices and biotechnology, with focused sessions on:
– Diagnostics,
– Oncology,
– Regenerative Medicine,
– Consumer Health Information.

Delegates will receive Investor Guides for each. They include:
– Interviews with leading clinicians, scientists, analysts and investors.
– A comprehensive listing of emerging growth companies.
– Directory of critical resources.

A networking luncheon, mulitple receptions and use of a partnering system. Meet the management of some of the most disruptive promising companies. Upwards of 40 companies will present in public and private company tracks.

Workshops on operational and financial topics. Alternative Forms of Financing, Equity as a Compensation Tool, Entering Europe, Entering China, Adaptive Design for Clinical Trials.

Networking with those in the know. Meet the management and financiers of the firms creating the technologies that will shape the future of health and medicine. Over 50 of the most promising investment opportunities will be presented alongside sector-focused group panels, workshops and Q&A sessions. The Conference also provides a unique setting to organize private meetings between investors and management.

An authoritative voice. OneMedPlace acts a broker of information between high net worth financiers, promising companies and leaders in the space. The unique platform of synthesized targeted multimedia, research reports, privileged networks and databases culminate in a forum in which fast-growing companies directly showcase their unique opportunities to those most interested. OneMedPlace is the all-encompassing resource to support the Trans-Atlantic Conference education, financing and networking opportunities.

Navigating the international landscape. The Trans-Atlantic Conference will address the international landscape, educating attendees on the relationship between emerging opportunities in Europe and North America. Special presentations will help firms and investors understand the opportunities for collaboration abroad. OneMedPlace presents a truly international investment conference for those building and financing companies to succeed on a global stage.

Convergence is key. The Trans-Atlantic Conference creates an environment for sector-specific firms and investors to discover opportunities in tangential spaces. Individuals can expect networking opportunities bringing voices from all sectors together, and workshops that highlight convergence and synthesis within the industry.

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    Date: June 26-27, 2013
    Location: The Metropolitan Club, New York City

    Audience: Institutional investors, high net worth individual investors, family offices, business development executives throughout the US and Europe building and financing high growth medical technology, health care and life science companies.

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